Frequently Answered Questions

Lisiting FAQ's

How to join?

You can easily join by signing up and adding your skills. We have FREE, STANDARD and PREMIUM packages you can choose from. Pricing plan page: www.skills.gm/pricing-plan

Is registration free?

Registration is free. You can always start with a FREE account which you can use forever with limited features. For more features you will need upgrade to STANDARD or PREMIUM.

Why should I join? I already have a client base.

No matter how big your client base is, there should still be room for more. Clients are never enough and skills.gm will be an opportunity for you to meet new potential clients.

I am a beginner, is skills.gm right for me?

Skills.gm is for people with the right skills, if you believe that you are ready and well equipped in your craft you can join. If you need advise on career development or you want skills training we can help you.

What is going to make me stand out on skills.gm?

To stand out, you will need reviews and ratings from the clients you have worked for. This endorsements will help rank you on skills.gm and this could give you the opportunity to be the go-to-person in your category.

Is it for only Gambians?

skills.gm is a local skill listing platform for anyone residing in The Gambia regardless of your nationality.

How to register

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